Mack is...


May 15, 2018
Mack Is Tired
…so, while walking towards the West End this particular night, I glanced to my left & noticed this really Get Outish looking alley with a retaining wall & I thought “that’ll be a dope ass pic…but it’ll be even doper (yes doper) if I jumped down there, just to really show how dark & creepy it is”. This photo depicts the 3 stages of confidence that I had…as well as how bad I am at judging height.
1. Standing on The Ledge. (Extremely confident almost cocky) I thought… “Who else would take a photo over here, down there, this late at night? This pic is going to be Bad Ass”.
2. Down In The Alley. (Moderately confident & decreasing) I thought…”Damn, I’m 5`8 & I can barely see my f*cking camera! It didn’t look that far down from up there. Can I climb back up this wall without scuffing my shoes before some zombies come from around that corner?
3. Sitting on the ledge. (0 confidence) I thought…Okay, I’m in my 30’s for real, for real. I need to find a 7-11 to get a KitKat & Cocoanut water.
On the bright side, what I lack in energy & eyesight

as a man in his late 30’s…I make up for with a nice, lavish black & grey beard.

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