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Pre-Cooties outbreak photos with the happiest person on earth.

May 13, 2020

On this particular adventure through the mean streets of Dallas (sarcastically speaking), I was accompanied by my ni…niece Ty, she’s literally the happiest person I’ve ever met in my life. Even if she tells you bad news…she’s going to say it with a smile on her face, it’s quite disturbing.

Per normal, when going out to shoot Downtown I drive the outskirts of Dallas looking for free parking & I just walk the rest of the way (sometimes I will take the FREE trolley from CityPlace or the FREE streetcar from Oak Cliff Founders Park)…because I love free shit, but since I was hanging out with the happiest person on earth, I decided to park closer than normal, so we parked at the Dallas Farmers Market. (plenty of free parking!)

We immediately started walking & shooting. We walked for miles & shot until the sun went down & you know what? She never complained, whenever I asked: “Are you ready to go?”. She always replied, “Are you ready to go?”…because she has a smart mouth just like her mom & her grandfather, she can’t help it & I’m used to it, so it’s “water off a duck’s back“. (which is my new favorite quote)

In conclusion, thanks to one of my top 5 favorite nieces, I got some much-needed practice in with my camera.
Funny enough, after reviewing & editing the photos, I thought to myself…”I’m ready to get out & shoot, it’s about to go down” & then…CORONAVIRUS!

The end.

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